Any Liberals Worried Elon Musk Is Going to Make Twitter Too Biased Need to See This Chart

While Elon Musk’s critics have complained that his takeover of Twitter will politicize the platform, one supporter of the billionaire entrepreneur countered with data showing the company already has a strong political bias.


The left has gotten used to being in charge of the culture.


Human rights activist Hillel Neuer — poking fun at liberal outrage over Musk’s libertarian-style plans for Twitter — tweeted a 2018 Recode analysis Monday that found 98.7% of political donations by the company’s employees had gone to Democrats.

“I fear Elon Musk could undermine the ideological diversity, equity and inclusion at Twitter which currently maintains a careful balance of 98.7% for one side,” Neuer quipped.

  • Twitter employees made $228,000 in donations during the 2018 midterm elections, nearly all of which went to Democratic candidates, according to the Recode analysis of data from Open Secrets.
  • Twitter wasn’t unique: Across 20 leading tech companies, including Netflix, Apple and Google, more than 85% of employees’ individual contributions were to Democrats.


The people who own Big Tech and the media are also overwhelmingly liberal.

  • Americans have seen the results for themselves in the pages of outlets like Washington Post, The Atlantic, Time, Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times.