Even if Democrats win, Trump has them beat on the courts

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Democrats could win the House on Tuesday. They may recapture the Senate and White House in 2020. But they’re losing the federal courts for the long term, as President Donald Trump is rapidly ensconcing a conservative judiciary that will have the power to knock down liberal policies for decades to come. 

The White House’s relentless focus on remaking the nation’s courts has injected a new and permanent strain of conservatism into the judiciary, seating dozens of Republican judges positioned to play a pivotal role in the most contentious cases of the next four decades — from abortion rights and affirmative action to environmental protections, financial regulations and presidential power. Some of the judges may even help decide whether Trump can unilaterally eliminate the birthright citizenship of undocumented immigrants’ U.S.-born children. 

And if Republicans maintain control of the Senate on Tuesday, as they’re widely expected to, Trump will have free rein to continue naming conservatives to lifetime appointments on the bench.

The result is the prospect of a lasting conservative imprint on the judiciary, fulfilling a true long play led by Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Source: Politico
Riksdag by N/A is licensed under N/A N/A