Laura Ingraham: Democrats, Donald Trump and the shameless race to the bottom

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States like Arizona are not just front and center ahead of Tuesday's midterms because of a close Senate race. They resonate nationally because the issue of immigration has come to the fore once again.

Since President Trump has refocused attention on the issue, of course, he is being labeled a racist. You just heard him refer to that in his speech Thursday night in Missouri.

Democrats, by the way, have long decried dark money and dirty tricks and politics. They are always bemoaning that., Well, we're going to lay out how they are shamelessly engaging in both this midterm season. It's off the charts. But first, it's a race to the bottom.

The better Donald Trump does among African-American voters, the more race-obsessed the Democrats and their shameless media enablers become. When young African-Americans leaders were recently invited to the White House by the president, they were instantly derided by the left.

"It was not a summit. It was a make America great rally. The use of young blacks as props which really is an insult to them," said Al Sharpton recently on MSNBC.
Source: Fox News
Trump by N/A is licensed under N/A N/A