Mark Penn: Democrats don't understand this surprising secret of Trump's success

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There is no question that President Trump is the most disruptive force in politics today.

The president has torn up every political playbook. His political survival after two years in office is a modern-day miracle, and his polling numbers are even running ahead of where Presidents Obama and Clinton were at this point.

President Trump’s most powerful weapon so far has not been the insult – which he certainly has been willing to use – but the idea.

Take his idea for ending birthright citizenship. Can’t say I support it. I don’t. But it’s not an insult, a racial epithet, or an off-color joke. It’s an idea that focuses on how an open-borders policy reverberates. And it’s even an idea that former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada once passionately supported.

Another Trump idea on immigration is his support for creating a path to citizenship for young people brought to the U.S. illegally as children under the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, in return for three things: a wall on our border with Mexico; an end to the immigration lottery; and a curtailing of chain migration (also known as family reunification) that enables immigrants to bring family members to the U.S.
Source: Fox News
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