QUOTE OF THE DAY: Joy Reid Thinks Normal People Don’t Know What ‘Inflation’ Means

Inflation is a foreign concept to everyday Americans, MSNBC host Joy Reid suggested Thursday.


Speaking Thursday before the live filming of her show, “The ReidOut,” Reid dismissed Republicans’ focus on skyrocketing prices ahead of the midterm elections as elitist and academic.

“The only people I ever hear use the word inflation are journalists and economists. So, that is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people talk,” she claimed. “So, it is interesting that Republicans are doing something that they don’t normally do, right? Which is not use the common tongue, not use just common English on their campaigns like they do with crime.”

  • “Most people who would have never used that word ever in their lives are using it now because they’ve been taught it, including on TV, including in newspapers,” she added.”They’ve been taught this word.”
  • A Politico-Morning Consult poll released Monday found inflation and the economy will play a “major role” for 78% of voters on Election Day.