QUOTE OF THE DAY: Noticing John Fetterman’s Disastrous Debate Performance Is Ableist

An anonymous Democratic official in Pennsylvania acknowledged senate candidate John Fetterman’s poor debate showing Tuesday night, but suggested the real spotlight should be on Republicans for campaigning against a man with “a major medical condition.”


The official, whose comment was reported in Axios, suggested that Fetterman’s performance — which was punctuated with difficulties arising from his May stroke — would likely have a minimal effect on the race.

“I wished Fetterman was in a better place to clap back. Overall, I argue it wasn’t great for us but still a draw,” he said. “Remember in these next few weeks that Oz’s campaign is spending tens of millions of dollars against a man with a major medical condition.”

  • But another anonymous Democrat was less sanguine: “Why the hell did Fetterman agree to this? This will obviously raise more questions than answers about John’s health.”