QUOTE OF THE DAY: Voter Suppression Is a Huge Problem…In State With Record-High Voter Turnout

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said at a recent campaign event that, despite record-high early voting turnout, “voter suppression is alive and well” in her state.


The Georgia Democrat, who has insisted her 2018 loss to Republican incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp was the product of voter suppression, has claimed a new state voting law is exceptionally racist.

Speaking to supporters in Atlanta Tuesday, she declared, “Yesterday, we saw record turnout for early voting. Yes, we should be excited. But let’s remember what that means.”

  • “It does not mean that voter suppression doesn’t exist. That’s like saying that there are no more sharks in the water because more people get in. We know that voter suppression is alive and well in Georgia. But we’re stronger. We’re faster. And we’re better than it.”
  • Voter suppression is a long-time hobbyhorse for Abrams: [Kemp] “won under the rules of the game at the time, but the game was rigged against the voters of Georgia,” she told CNN in December regarding her 2018 loss to the sitting governor.
  • While there were partisan divisions over particulars of the state’s election integrity law, strong majorities favored tighter voter ID requirements.