QUOTE OF THE DAY: What Democrats Say About the ‘Inflation Reduction Act‘ Behind Closed Doors

Footage released Monday by a conservative watchdog group appears to show Susan Daggett, the wife of Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., saying Democrats should avoid saying the quiet part out loud when it comes to radical agenda items like defunding the police and climate change.


In the Accuracy in Media video, Daggett is seen telling a pair of undercover journalists that “the most successful efforts in Washington, D.C., are the ones that you never see on the front page of the paper.”

“We’re talking about [defunding the police] for a half a second and let the temperatures come down, and then quietly allocate some funding to mental health, right, and to interventions that can help and maybe not call it police reform. There’s just strategic ways to do it that would be just as effective but, you know, not raise the flag,” Dagget says.

  • After one of the journalists cites the Inflation Reduction Act as another example of Democrats strategically concealing their agenda, Dagget concurs and says, “We don’t talk about it.”