ROUNDUP: That’s an Expensive Bird

BANNON SENTENCED TO FOUR MONTHS: A U.S. district court judge sentenced Steve Bannon to four months in prison Friday, declining to reverse the Trump ally’s July conviction for contempt of Congress. Bannon has refused to appear before the House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot. Read more.

NEWSMAX BANS LOGAN FOR ELITE BLOOD LIBEL: Newsmax announced it has permanently banned former CBS News correspondent Lara Logan after she claimed the world’s elites will “dine on the blood of children” while a “global cabal” brings “100 million illegal immigrants” into America to “dilute the pool of patriots.” In April, Logan claimed she was “pushed out” of Fox News because of her views. Read more.

MOST EXPENSIVE TURKEYS EVER: Inflation is raising the cost of Thanksgiving dinner and turkeys are leading the way, according to new figures from the USDA, which showed the average price for a female turkey topping $1.85 per pound, up $0.40 from the same time last year. Read more.