SpaceX CEO Elon Musk endorses Trump’s ‘Space Force’ idea

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Count the CEO of SpaceX as among the fans of the Trump administration’s proposed “Space Force.”

Elon Musk sees a new branch of the U.S. Armed Forces as “obvious” as Americans travel far off the planet.

“It’s basically defense in space. And then I think also it could be pretty helpful for maybe expanding our civilization,” Musk told Kara Swisher on a new episode of Recode Decode. “I do think it will become obvious over time that a Space Force is a sensible thing to do.”

Donald Trump pitched the new military operation this year, and hopes to have it running by 2020, bringing the military into conversation with space leaders like NASA and Musk’s SpaceX. It would sit alongside branches like the Army and the Air Force.
Source: Recode
Space X by N/A is licensed under N/A N/A