Thanksgiving Inflation: Biden Just Pardoned the Two Most Expensive Turkeys Ever

President Joe Biden might want to rethink the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon with Americans paying almost $2 a pound for whole birds.


There are plenty of reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving, but the high inflation during Biden’s presidency isn’t one of them.


In keeping with a 59-year-old White House tradition, Biden on Tuesday pardoned the national turkeys, Chocolate, 46 pounds, and Chip, 47 pounds.

The two birds would together cost $168 at the grocery store.

  • That’s because the average price for a whole turkey is Thanksgiving-record $1.81 per pound.
  • That’s 70% more than two years ago, the last Thanksgiving before Joe Biden took office, according to American Farm Bureau Federation data.
  • Back then, Chocolate and Chip were worth less than $100 combined.


Overall, the cost of a traditional Thanksgiving meal has spiked 37% during Biden’s presidency, including 20% since last year, per the AFBF.

  • According to Federal Reserve economists, inflation spiraled out of control in 2021 due in large part to federal COVID-19 spending like the American Rescue Plan, passed by congressional Democrats and signed into law by Biden in March 2021.
  • The USDA, echoing White House officials, has blamed Russia’s war in Ukraine and bird flu.