These 4 ‘Blue States’ Are the Biggest Population Losers

The U.S. states that are losing population most rapidly are governed by Democrats, according to new U.S. Census data, continuing a years-long trend.


It’s a “red wave” of Americans voting with their feet.


New York lost more residents than other state from July 2021 to July 2022, followed by California, Illinois and Pennsylvania, in that order, per the data, which was released Dec. 22.

  • Democrats have controlled the governor’s mansion of each of the states since at least 2018.
  • Other than Pennsylvania, the states have had Democratic majorities in both legislatures since at least 2019.
  • Meanwhile, the fastest growing U.S. states were Texas and then Florida, both of which have GOP-dominated governments.


“Texas and Florida make up about 15% of the U.S. population but accounted for 70% of its population growth this past year,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board noted this week. “The biggest news is that the exodus from progressive-led states hasn’t slowed even as Covid lockdowns eased.”

  • “Growth is driven to varying degrees by internal migration, immigration and birth rates, but, one way or another, these are the places more Americans want to live and raise families, work and start businesses, or retire,” National Review’s Dan McLaughlin wrote last week of the latest Census data.
  • Based on last year’s Census data, the American Enterprise Institute’s Mark J. Perry concluded “the evidence suggests that Americans are moving from blue states that are more economically stagnant, fiscally unhealthy states with higher tax burdens and unfriendly business climates with higher energy and housing costs and fewer economic and job opportunities, to fiscally sound red states that are more economically vibrant, dynamic and business-friendly, with lower tax and regulatory burdens, lower energy and housing costs and more economic and job opportunities.”