Who’s Having the Worst Day on Twitter: Mona Charen, What Happened?

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, “Never Trump” conservative commentator Mona Charen and comedienne Kathy Griffin are all having bad days.

  • But who’s having the worst day on Twitter?


FETTERMAN: The opening moments of the Pennsylvania Democrat’s speech Saturday, at a rally in Pittsburgh with former President Barack Obama, were punctuated by wind blowing down all the American flags on stage. Critics suggested the incident was a metaphor for Fetterman’s troubled campaign.

CHAREN: Conservatives slammed The Bulwark’s policy editor after she dismissed an ongoing crime spike by citing data showing an increase in murder, but not other violent crime.

GRIFFIN: The outspoken Trump critic was ridiculed for going to desperate lengths to circumvent her ban from Twitter for violating the platform’s policy on impersonation.