Dem-backed voting rights bill faces legal threat from 23 states: 'Unnecessary but also unconstitutional'

A coalition of 23 state attorneys general is sending a letter to congressional leaders Tuesday threatening to sue to prevent the implementati

Newsom team: No scenario where we lose recall election

Gov. Gavin Newsom's team seems to be striking a confident tone just a day before Tuesday's California recall election, and said that there's

Biden broke campaign promise to not tax anyone making less than $400,000: Rep. French Hill

Rep. French Hill, R-Ark., while discussing the Democrats' massive spending plan, argued that President Biden already broke his campaign promi

Fauci on COVID-19: US lacking ‘modestly good control’ over pandemic

The U.S. is logging daily COVID-19 infections at a rate more than 10 times the threshold needed to suppress the pandemic, according to Dr. An

State Department on Afghan refugees in US: 'We're doing accountings on the back end'

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the State Department is doing "accountings on the back end" as Afghan evacuees arrive in the United St

Sen. Hagerty picks up 'shock' from US allies over Biden's Afghanistan exit

Sen. Bill Hagerty, after meeting with U.S. allies in Europe last week, told Fox News Monday that there was a "palpable frustration" with Pres

Ida remnants bring death, destruction to Northeast, days after storm slammed Gulf Coast

A 70-year-old man was reported dead in New Jersey, a 19-year-old man was found dead in Maryland and New York City authorities reported at lea

Afghanistan on verge of humanitarian ‘catastrophe,’ World Food Programme warns

DOHA, Qatar - One-third of Afghanistan is facing food insecurity amid the Taliban takeover, according to the United Nations' World Food Progr

US Navy, Coast Guard ships enter Taiwan Strait, irking China: reports

At least two U.S. vessels entered the Taiwan Strait on Friday, in what Chinese officials described as a "provocative" move, according to repo

Taliban commit 'house-to-house executions' in Kabul after US exit as chilling audio demonstrates Afghans' fear

Horrifying audio of distant gunshots appears to confirm reports of "house-to-house executions" as the Taliban asserts control of Kabul and Af

With Taliban back in power, 9/11 victim family member says it feels 'like on 9/10'

Brett Eagleson was 15 when his father was killed in the 9/11 terror attacks, spearheaded by al Qaeda from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Wit

SCOTUS 'Remain in Mexico' ruling marks latest immigration defeat for Biden administration

The Supreme Court’s ruling late Tuesday, which ordered the Biden administration to reinstate the Trump-era Remain-in-Mexico policy, marks the

Israel says it carried out airstrikes on Hamas targets after balloon attack

Israel Defense Forces announced on Twitter Monday that it carried out strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza in response to an earlier arson b

China says sanctions on Taliban not productive

China says the international community should support chances for positive developments in Afghanistan rather than impose sanctions on the Ta

US Capitol Police investigating suspicious vehicle near Library of Congress

Officers from the United States Capitol Police (USCP) locked down or evacuated portions of the Capitol on Thursday morning to respond to repo

Biden says 'no one's being killed' in Afghanistan, can't 'recall' advisers telling him to delay withdrawal

President Biden in an interview with ABC that aired Thursday said "no one's being killed" in Afghanistan despite reports of at least seven de

New Zealand to enter nationwide lockdown after single coronavirus case found

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – New Zealand's government took drastic action Tuesday by putting the entire nation into a strict lockdown for at lea

Taliban announces 'amnesty,' urges women to join government

The Taliban announced Tuesday an "amnesty" across Afghanistan and urged women to join its government, trying to calm nerves across a nervous

Chinese, Russian militaries hold drills in northwest China

Chinese and Russian troops have engaged in joint exercises in northwestern China in a sign of growing military ties between Moscow and Beijin

Afghan ambassador calls for continued US air strikes amid fears Taliban will soon capture Kabul

Afghanistan’s ambassador to the U.S. reportedly is calling on America to ramp up its "extremely limited" air campaign against the Taliban des