People Really Are Fleeing Democrat-Run States in Droves. This Chart Shows What That Looks Like.

Conservatives see Americans voting with their feet against liberal policies.

watch: DeSantis vs. The Media

Gov. Ron DeSantis' burgeoning popularity has made him a target for cable news talking heads. But the Florida Republican isn't one to take the

ICYMI: Watch the Media React to Trump’s ‘Weirdest’ Endorsement of All Time

Even some of Donald Trump’s harshest critics in the media had to hand it to him after the former president found a way to all but guarantee h

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Who’s Having a Good/Bad Day on Twitter: Little League Edition

Our main characters on Twitter yesterday were Little League baseball player Isaiah Jarvis and U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart.

JOURNO: Republicans Are Too Gullible to See the Economy Is Actually in Awesome Shape

In a column for Bloomberg on Monday, journalist Matthew Winkler argued that people who think the 2020 election was stolen are responsible for

Watch the Media Celebrate the FBI Trump Raid Like ‘It’s Christmas’

From CNN to late night, liberals could hardly contain their glee over the FBI raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate Monday.

This Is Why People Hate the IRS

Sure, it's an edge case, but it illustrates the absurdity within the tax system.

CHART OF THE DAY: It’s Payback Time for Public Schools. Parents Are Opting Out in Record Numbers.

Public schools' behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a mass exodus of parents toward alternative educational options.

Five Words That Don’t Mean What They Used to Because of Wokeness

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought," George Orwell wrote.

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Who’s Having a Good/Bad Day on Twitter: ONJ, RIP

Our main characters on Twitter yesterday were the late Olivia Newton-John and CNN host Brian Stelter.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Democrats Good, Republicans Evil

Economist Paul Krugman used his New York Times column Monday to enthuse over the Democrats' big reconciliation bill, which passed the Senate

Fox News Is On Fire After the FBI Raided Trump’s House

Conservative commentators sounded ready to burn it all down after FBI agents yesterday raided former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in P

Where’s the Money in the Inflation Reduction Act Going?

Here are some of the key provisions in the mammoth 755-page bill, which authorizes $430 billion in spending.

Watch the Biden Admin ‘Empower’ Trans Youth for 2 Minutes Straight

It was no gaffe when Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine said on MSNBC Monday that “we need to support and empower” transgender youths “