QUOTE OF THE DAY: Professor Wishes Own Mom Had Right to Abort Her

Melissa Falen wrote in a Wednesday op-ed for The Baltimore Sun that she wishes her biological mother, who gave her up for adoption, had had t

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Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee invited a radical group of witnesses to testify at a Wednesday hearing on abortion access

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President Biden and the Democrats look poised to pay the price in November.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Illegal-ize It

Washington state Rep. Melanie Morgan's 2021 argument that "marijuana" is racist got another hearing this week after the word was banned from

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Meet Nina Jankowicz, a liberal academic whom President Biden just tapped to run his new Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of

QUOTE OF THE DAY: The Buffalo Shooter Is in Cahoots With the Supreme Court

The Washington Post's Brian Broome claimed in a column Tuesday that the Buffalo shooter has the same motivation as conservative opponents of

Democrats Were Really Into ‘Replacement Theory’ Before They Decided It Was Racist

Leading Democrats cheered the diversification of the American electorate through immigration for years before they decided it was racist for

Biden’s Disinformation Board Shuts Down

Don't call it a victory for the right until you see how the decision is being explained.

Data Shows Americans Care Way More About the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial Than ‘Real News’

The mainstream media has lost much of its power to dictate the national agenda.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: White People Watching the NBA Playoffs Is Racist Now

"Sports only serve as an escape from society if you’re white," Phillips wrote Monday, reflecting on the pair of Game 7s and the apparently ra