Conservative Women Are the Happiest Women. Here’s Why.

Modern women are bombarded with advice about how to be happy – but what do women themselves say?

New Data Shatters a Common Talking Point About Where Crime Is Occurring

It's getting harder for criminal justice reform advocates to say their policies have nothing to do with the crime spike.

BUCKLE UP: OPEC+ Agrees To Cut Oil Production

This won't go well for Biden.

HEADLINES: Catch Up On the Rest of the News 10/5/2022

Here are the other stories conservatives are talking about today.

Who’s Having a Good/Bad Day on Twitter: Kari Lake Clapback Edition

Our main characters on Twitter yesterday were Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and disgruntled students at New York University.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Joe Biden Is Basically Puerto Rican

President Biden claimed yesterday to have been "raised in the Puerto Rican community, politically" during a visit to the island territory to

Watch Democrats’ Worst Attempts at Winning Over Latinos

During a visit to Puerto Rico yesterday to survey damage from Hurricane Fiona, President Biden said he was "sort of raised in the Puerto Rica

Kanye West’s T-Shirt Message to Black Lives Matter Gets Him Accused of ‘White Supremacy’

Love him or hate him, West is one of the few mainstream artists willing to go against the grain in Hollywood.

One Worrying Number About the Border Crisis You Never Hear About

The figures you hear often understate the extent of the border crisis by about a quarter — or the population of a mid-sized American city.

Corn Pop Was Real. But Biden Still Has Some Explaining to Do.

The phrase "Corn Pop" began trending on Twitter this week, reigniting a debate on social media over the veracity of a controversial story tol

Biden Tried to Lecture Republicans About ‘Backing the Blue.’ Watch the Funniest Reactions.

At a campaign-style event in Pennsylvania yesterday, President Biden tried to claim the mantle of law and order for the Democrats. Some of th

HEADLINES: Catch Up On the Rest of the News

Here are the other stories conservatives are talking about today.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: There’s No Way Lax Crime Policies Have Anything To Do With Rising Crime

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross dismissed outright the idea that Democratic policies are at all to blame for America's skyrocketing crime problem.

Watch What Happens When Kamala Harris Says Hurricane Relief Will Be Based on Race

The White House defended Vice President Kamala Harris today after she said federal Hurricane Ian relief would be based on “equity” and priori

Joe Rogan Nailed the Absurdity of Media With This Viral Video

There's a long tradition of journalists arguing that criminals are really OK and then finding out they really aren't.