QUOTE OF THE DAY: CNN Reporter Disappointed By Americans’ Love of French Fries

Journalist Stephen Collinson lamented in an analysis published Thursday by CNN that the public may be more concerned about the price of Frenc

Out of All the Weeks Joe Biden Has Had, This Was Certainly One of Them.

Committing gaffes, running away from reporters' questions about "Armageddon," recording "Happy Birthday" videos for hosts of "The View" – it'

College Admissions Test Scores Plummeted to Lowest Level in 30 Years. Here’s Why.

Add this to the pile of evidence showing how American students were negatively impacted by pandemic disruptions.

NFL Coach’s Response to a Reporter’s Question About Race Is Refreshing

Are Americans really as divided on racial issues as the media makes it seem?

The Number of Transgender Diagnoses in Kids Exploded Last Year. Why?

The meaning of the findings depends on what you think it means when a boy says he's a girl and vice versa.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Biden’s Pot Pardon Doesn’t Go Far Enough

In an editorial published Wednesday, The Economist urged President Joe Biden to legalize cocaine.

Watch How Democrats React When They’re Asked If Biden Should Run in ’24

At a televised debate on Monday, Ohio Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan joined a growing list of Democrats who want President Joe Biden to step

Here’s What Americans Say Biden’s ‘Slight’ Recession Means to Them

There's nothing "slight" about what many Americans are already experiencing.

Who Needs Police? This Chart Shows What Happens When You Add 10 Officers to Your Community

Crime is an emotional issue, but addressing it requires cold, hard facts.

ROUNDUP: New Kanye Clips Emerge

Plus, RIP Angela Lansbury.

HEADLINES: Catch Up On the Rest of the News 10/13/2022

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Big Tech is increasingly acting like an online government, and conservatives are rising up in protest.

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