David Clarke on Wall Funding: Deplorables Must ‘Flood Their Officials’ Offices with Emails and Phone Calls’

America First Action spokesperson and former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke advised President Donald Trump’s supporters to pressure their ele

What is the 'nuclear option,' the step Trump wants the Senate to take?

President Trump wants to go nuclear. With a partial government shutdown imminent, Trump urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to imple

President Trump Will Win The Shutdown Showdown

​The Democrats aren’t going to get away with holding the federal government hostage to their radical open-borders agenda. Not again.

Donald Trump Faults Republican Leadership for Broken Promise on Wall Fight

​President Donald Trump expressed his frustration with Republican congressional leadership on Thursday for breaking their promise to fight fo

Donald Trump Dismisses Critics of Syria Withdrawal: ‘Do We Want to Be There Forever?’

​President Donald Trump defended his decision to withdraw American troops from Syria on Thursday.

This badass professor hired mercenaries to rescue a college student from an ISIS war zone

​Some educators genuinely care about their pupils. There are those who go out of their way to tutor, mentor, offer advice or even take person

Legal Suicide: Obamacare Is Killing Itself

​When President Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, there was one

Conway: Trump ‘Not Backing Down’ from Wall

​White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” said President Donald Trump “is not softening his stance” on the borde

Chicago Tribune: Gun Control Not the Solution for American Firearm Deaths

Chicago Tribune editorial board member Steve Chapman observes that gun control is not the solution to American firearm deaths because no amou

Trump Heads Out in the Cold Rain to Honor the Fallen in Surprise Visit at Arlington National Cemetry

​President Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday to honor America’s fallen as thousands across th

Tucker Carlson Defiant After Losing Three More Advertisers to Left-Wing Blacklisting Campaign

​Tucker Carlson lost three more advertisers Monday following a left-wing social media campaign to pressure companies to pull their ads from h

Trump signs memo directing Pentagon to establish Space Command

That’s one small signature for President Trump, one giant leap for the “space force.” President Trump on Tuesday signed a memorandum that off

Mexico Has a Plan to Deter Illegal Aliens From Flocking to the United States. Here's What It Entails.

​Over the next five years, the Mexican government plans to spend $30 billion on Central American development. Their goal is simple: to keep i

Make The Holidays Brighter for America’s Military Families

​The U.S. economy – at least in certain markets – is booming like it hasn’t boomed in two decades. Unemployment is at a record low. Consumer

Trump says he’ll review case against former Green Beret

President Donald Trump said Sunday that he will be “reviewing” the case of a former U.S. Army commando being charged with murder, raising que

Republicans question Comey over newly released FBI file on Trump dossier

Republicans are questioning former FBI Director James Comey behind closed doors Monday on a host of Russia probe-related issues -- including

Stephen Miller Tells Dems the Wall Is Non-negotiable

The public shouting match between President Trump and top Democratic leaders last week at the White House was a good indication of how far th

All Along, Google's Been Googling Me

​I thought Facebook knew too much about me, but it turns out Google is even worse.

Teen planned to commit violence at Indiana school, but police say tipster helped them stop him

A teenager was en route to an Indiana middle school Thursday to commit an act of violence, but police were able to stop him after receiving a

When 'Misinformation' Is Named the Word of the Year

​This has been a rough year for news junkies. Changing stations for network and cable-TV news reveals not coherence but alternative realities