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The negative effects of school lockdowns and remote learning on America's school children have been overblown, science writer David Wallace-W

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Many Democratic leaders were against the reopening of schools closed due to COVID-19 before they were for it.

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While crime data is messy, one trend is clear: The most dangerous places in America are Democrat-run cities.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Swimming Is Racist

Gisele Fetterman, the wife of Pennsylvania's Democratic senate candidate, claimed in an interview released Thursday that “historically, swimm

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How You Feel About This Twitter Executive Being Fired Reveals Your Views on Free Speech

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ROUNDUP: Watergate Fail

Plus, Ye loses another brand.

HEADLINES: Catch Up On the Rest of the News 10/28/2022

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Who’s Having the Worst Day on Twitter: Hostile Takeover Edition

Twitter employees, U.S. assistant attorney general Kristen Clarke and the New York Post are all having bad days.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Cardboard Boxes Are a Threat to Democracy

Americans who purchase paper products, such as cardboard boxes, may be unwittingly supporting election denialism, ProPublica reported Wednesd

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John Fetterman’s post-stroke performance in the Pennsylvania Senate debate Tuesday was hard to watch, but the Democratic nominee and his alli

Here’s How Much More Thanksgiving Will Cost This Year

Americans have plenty to be grateful for, but $30-plus turkeys probably aren’t on the list.