Hispanics Vote Very Differently When They Get Their News in English. Just Look at These Two Numbers.

Democrats' concerns about Spanish-language disinformation appear to be misplaced.

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An anonymous Democratic official in Pennsylvania acknowledged senate candidate John Fetterman's poor debate showing Tuesday night, but sugges

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Axios accurately described Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Senate debate by Democrat John Fetterman, who recently had a stroke, against Republican Meh

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Some prominent Democrats have taken their party’s pro-abortion messaging to the next level.

90 Studies Compared Religious Schools vs. Public Schools. There Was One Clear Winner.

Public schools often aren't the best educational option for kids, statistically speaking.

Here Are Democratic Leaders Admitting Progressive Policies Caused Crime to Spike

The Democrats appear to be losing the blame game over crime, and it could cost them the 2022 elections.

Who’s Having the Worst Day on Twitter: It’s the Democracy, Stupid

Atlantic staff writer Tom Nichols, author Christopher Cook and CNN anchor Jake Tapper are all having bad days.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Nancy Pelosi’s Advice to Democrats Who Get Asked About Inflation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised fellow Democrats to "change the subject" should the topic of inflation arise.

Here Are All the TikTok Stars and Celebrities President Biden’s Invited to the White House

Transgender rights advocate Dylan Mulvaney interviewed President Joe Biden on Thursday, becoming the latest in a long line of influencers and

ROUNDUP: The Squad Backtracks on Ukraine

Plus, Chinese spies and Griner's failed appeal.

HEADLINES: Catch Up On the Rest of the News 10/25/2022

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Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, stand-up comedian Pete Dominick, and Harvard legal scholar Laurence Tribe are all having bad days.

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Washington Post columnist Max Boot argued in an opinion piece published Monday that choosing Republicans in November endangers "the continuat