QUOTE OF THE DAY: What Democrats Say About the ‘Inflation Reduction Act‘ Behind Closed Doors

Footage released Monday by a conservative watchdog group appears to show Susan Daggett, the wife of Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., saying Demo

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Trailing in the polls nationwide, Democratic candidates made their very best closing arguments in the days ahead of Tuesday’s midterm electio

Democrats Promised Police Reform Was Going to Help Black Americans. Here’s What Happened.

There's a disconnect between racial justice rhetoric and policy outcomes. And voters have taken notice.

ROUNDUP: Fetterman Sues

Plus, throwback.

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Inflation is a foreign concept to everyday Americans, MSNBC host Joy Reid suggested Thursday.

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MSNBC weekend host Tiffany Cross confirmed Friday that she was “abruptly” fired from MSNBC, reportedly for going too far with her rhetorical

This Data Shows Why Trump Had to Attack DeSantis

Trump didn’t seem to weaken DeSantis, but he revealed something about the two men’s relative strengths.

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Plus, jobs numbers.

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Who’s Having a the Worst Day on Twitter: RIP Shep Smith, Plus Beto’s Weird Abortion Dance

CNBC anchor Shepard Smith, National Public Radio, and gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke are all having bad days.

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Democrats' credibility with voters on the issue of crime is so poor that they'd be better off not responding when they come under attack, acc

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President Joe Biden often said his “equity” agenda would especially benefit black and Hispanic Americans. But those groups have been dispropo

5 Surprising Races Republicans Might Actually Win in the Midterm Elections

Rising prices, crime and illegal immigration are fueling a Republican surge in the polls.