ROUNDUP: Is Fetterman Done?

Plus, a match made in beauty pageant heaven.

HEADLINES: Catch Up on the Rest of the News 11/4/2022

Here are the other stories conservatives are talking about today.

Who’s Having the Worst Day on Twitter: Rex Chapman’s Weird Crush

The White House, writer Rachel Monroe and former NBA player Rex Chapman are all having bad days.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Those Doggone Voter ID Laws Are At It Again

NBC reporter Jo Yurcaba claimed on Wednesday that voter identification laws present a unique challenge to transgender Americans.

Watch How Democrats React to Getting Heckled

“Are you going to start yelling?” former President Barack Obama asked a heckler in Arizona Wednesday. It was one of many strategies high-prof

These 5 Recent Scandals in Obscure Sports Prove You Can Cheat at Literally Anything

The ongoing decline in institutional trust is being felt everywhere – even in the most obscure corners of American society.

Biden’s ‘Democracy’ Speech Contained One Big Mistake That Could Cost Democrats the Election

Democrats are about to find out whom voters see as the real threat to democracy.


Plus, Parkland shooter trial updates.

HEADLINES: Catch Up on the Rest of the News 11/3/2022

Here are the other stories conservatives are talking about today.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Don Lemon Grades John Fetterman’s Debate Performance

CNN host Don Lemon suggested Tuesday he doesn't share the consensus opinion on Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman's deba

Watch Democrats Cast Doubt on Election Results for 2 Minutes Straight

The GOP has been widely condemned for its election skepticism, but the Democrats have largely gotten a pass for theirs.

Twitter Is Suddenly Calling Out Biden’s BS. Here Are the Tweets That Got Flagged.

Will this bring Democrats closer to Republicans' concerns about Big Tech's regulation of speech?

There Are Five Big Problems With Biden Canceling $300B in Student Loan Debt

Student loan forgiveness is a handout to Democrats' elite base at the expense of the rest of the country.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Paul Pelosi Attack Suspect Had Strong Opinions About Fairy Houses

The man charged with assaulting Paul Pelosi last week authored hundreds of bizarre and disturbing blog posts, including outraged musings abou

2 Minutes of Democrats Urging Political Violence Against Republicans

Democrats have framed last week's attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as the sole product of extreme right-wing

Why Recycling Plastic Is a Waste of Your Time

This wouldn't be the first environmental remedy that could've used a bit more foresight.